The best dog leash. Period.

These days, there are dog leashes for every need. Long. Short. Reflective. Hands-free. With accessory loops.

What if there was just one leash that did all of those things?

Enter the Ruffwear Slackline leash, aka, the best dog leash.

A do-it-all dog leash for your every need. If you're only going to buy one, get this one!

Why is this leash the best dog leash?

  1. It’s reflective. I love safety, but I do not love safety orange and yellow. This leash is reflective without screaming SAFETY SAM. Its reflective stitching just looks like a stripe during the day.
  2. It has a padded handle. A small luxury that you never knew you needed but makes holding the leash so much more comfortable, especially if you have a dog that pulls!
  3. It has an accessory loop. Here you can easily attach all the accessories you could ever want to the handle – lights, poop bag holders, etc.
  4. Handle clip/buckle. The handle detaches from the rest of the leash. This means that you can attach the leash to a stationary object like a pole or picnic bench at your campsite.
  5. Hands-free option. The handle length can be adjusted so it can fit around your waist. Detach the handle, bring it around your waist, and reattach in the front. The accessory loop is near the handle attachment on the handle so if you have a light attached there, it’ll be right in front for lighting up night runs!
  6. Adjustable length. The leash (minus handle) easily adjusts along a buckle slider from about 2.5 ft to 5 ft.
  7. Secure, glove-friendly leash attachment. The lobster-claw leash attachment is easy to open and close, even with gloves on – you just pinch it! There are two pieces of metal on the clasp that overlap each other, making this a super secure attachment.
  8. Foldable. This leash folds fairly flat for stuffing in a pocket. You wouldn’t think about this one…except when you’re trying to shove a bulky rope leash in a tiny pocket. No bueno.
  9. It’s tough! This leash has held up through rain, snow, dirt, dust, camping, backpacking, snowshoeing, travel and hiking for over 3 years. It doesn’t even look old!
  10. It does your laundry! Just kidding. You still have to wash it, but you’re rewarded with a super sparkly, good-as-new leash each time!

Where can you get one? Right here.