Keep yourself and your dog safe during those nighttime walks with some clever accessories.

How to Stay Safe on Nighttime Walks

When the only time you have before work to walk you dog is when it’s dark, and when the sun sets before you get home, well, it’s walk at night or don’t walk at all.

Fortunately, it’s easier and more fashionable than ever to stay safe on your nighttime walks with your dog. Below are some handy little gadgets to light up the night and keep you both safe.

Keep yourself and your dog safe during those nighttime walks with some clever accessories.


For the minimalist

If you just want to get up and get out the door, you can prep beforehand. Attach a light like the Nite Ize SpotLit to your leash handle or accessory loop via an S-biner. Attach another to your dog’s leash, or grab an LED rechargeable lighted leash. When you roll out of bed and out the door, one click per light leaves you safely illuminated on your nighttime walk.



For the I-already-had-coffee-ist

Since you’re more awake, presumably you will have the mental fortitude necessary to attach an LED lighted collar or clip-on light to your dog before going outside. For yourself, add another clip-on light, grab a flashlight, or strap on a headlamp¬†or lighted hat.



For the ultimate in safety

In addition to the lights mentioned in the other sections (light on leash, light on dog, hand-held or headlamp light), make your dog more visible by adding a safety vest. It’s a great idea to bring one along for yourself too. It may not be the most fashionable choice, but there’s no one around to see you anyway! Plus, dogs look adorable in vests. Just imagine them directing traffic.


Visible from all angles

Regardless of your effort level in blinging out your walking setup, make sure you are visible from all angles. For example, if your leash has a light attached to the handle, it should be visible from the front, back, and side if you hold the handle to one side of your body. If your dog has a clip-on light, attach it to their collar so it is angled toward your light blind spot.

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