You Are a Great Dog Parent

Being a pet owner these days can be overwhelming at times. We all love our dogs, but sometimes the pressure from others to be the best pet parent can be a bit overwhelming and you wonder:

Am I getting the best food? The best gear? Are they getting enough exercise? Did I push them too hard on this one hike? So and so did this a different way – does that mean I did it wrong??

I wanted to take some time to say: you are a great dog parent.

If you love your dog and you are doing the best you can do for them, they have the best dog parent they could have. It doesn’t matter if @Xwhatever on Instagram has taken their dog up 10 mountains this week. It does not matter if they have taken their dog on all their bucket list adventures. This does not mean they are a better owner than you, nor that you love your dog any less than they do, because love isn’t a contest.

If you’re on this site, it shows that you are a good dog parent. If you’re here, it means you are looking to get out more with your dog. To have fun experiences with your dog. And to outfit your dog with gear that suits both your needs. This is more than some children get in their lives.

Keep up the good work, because you’re doing a great job.


Elena and Alfie

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