Keep your dog warm this winter with a plush puffy jacket.

Ruffwear Quinzee Winter Jacket Review



Do you live somewhere with lots of snow and freezing temperatures? Do you have a single-coated dog like a Chihuahua or Pit Bull?

If you’ve noticed your dog shivering in the colder temps, they might need some extra insulation in the form of a puffy jacket – just like yours!

For Alfie, my 17 lb Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix who has a single, medium length coat, once it starts to hover in the low 30s, he starts shivering when he’s not moving. We got the Ruffwear Quinzee jacket to help him keep warm in the winter. Below is our review!

Keep your dog warm this winter with a plush puffy jacket.

Like many things Ruffwear makes, this jacket was on the expensive side. However, the quality of their gear is unmatched, and I expect that it may outlive my dog.

Let’s look at how it holds up.


This is a very nice-looking jacket. We have the bright red color from the older version (it now comes in black, bright green, and purple). It has some subtle reflective bits on the chest and tail portions, which is great for safety during those dark winter walks.



The way the jacket is put on is pretty neat. It’s really easy – you just slip the head piece over your dog’s head, pass the middle through their front legs, buckle the piece to the sides, and zip up the neck. The straps around the middle are easily adjustable, and you only have to do it once. Behind the neck there is a loop to attach a light to (it even has a picture of a light).

Keep your dog warm this winter with a plush puffy jacket.

Like a puffy jacket for people, the entire jacket can be stuffed into a pocket for packing (the pocket even says stuff sack on it!). This jacket does not have a hole for a harness – if you dog wears a harness, it will have to go over the jacket.

Keep your dog warm this winter with a plush puffy jacket.



Being a mix, Alfie doesn’t always fit in coats very well – he’s a couple inches longer than most dogs and a bit skinnier. This jacket fits him surprisingly well – especially since it’s adjustable. My only complaint here is that it tends to bunch up a bit near his shoulders, which brings the whole jacket forward a couple of inches, exposing a bit of his lower back.


How it holds up:

If it’s snowing, the snow just bounces right off. I wouldn’t have your dog wear it in a heavy rain, but a light mist would do okay. Alfie appears to be much warmer in this coat, even when he’s standing still in colder weather. Hooray! No more shivering!

Keep your dog warm this winter with a plush puffy jacket.


Worth it?

In cold climates or if your dog has very short fur? Yes!

I got this jacket when we lived in cold and snowy New England. In the Pacific Northwest, this jacket would likely be unnecessary. We currently live in Washington and do just fine most of the time with a fleece-lined raincoat. We use the Quinzee for outings that involve snow and temperatures under 30 degrees.


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